Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Before and After number 2

I'm so creative with the subjects don't you think? One day I'm going to shock you all and have something totally creative and bizarre, but for now you'll have to settle with what the post is actually about. Also, I promise some posts on how I stay organized, probably next week, after I donate some stuff that shouldn't be in my living room because I did this yesterday.


That dresser is from April 4, 1964 or April 9th, I can't recall, but either way the date is stamped in one of the drawers. That is also the dresser that was in my room as a child and I believe it's the one that I got in trouble for. There was a blue spot on it at one time and I was blamed for it. Because I couldn't look my mom in the eye and tell her I didn't do it (meaning I broke eye contact at some point). Now I know that it's normal to break eye contact when being honest and abnormal to make no eye contact at all or not break away eye contact. This is why I got in trouble when I wasn't lying and got away with lying so much as a teenager. This little tidbit of information will now make all of us better moms (not than my mom - she worked with the information she had at the time just as we all do) , but anyways, my mom totally 'fessed up a couple of years ago that it was her cheap blue purse that made the spot, not one of us. I got to give a very nice I told you so and now the dresser is mine.


I now feel vindicated as the dresser has a nice shade of blue gray on it. Of course I really just wanted a light gray and the color that came out of the can is not the color that was on top of the can. I'm thinking about repainting it, but I'm also kind of busy and this color isn't that bad. (I am still so happy I painted that floor white - it's dirty now but still beautiful.)

I was going to get new hardware because the stuff that was on it was in such bad shape, but then I remembered that we had some aluminum colored paint that Husband used on our gas line (it was starting to rust which is not good). So instead of dragging two kids to the hardware store, I painted the old hardware. It actually turned out really well, but we'll see how it holds up to the wear of us using it.

top of dresser


On top of the dresser is a set of drawers (it holds my rings - pretty and functional), two candles (the only room in the house that I have candles and an elephant that was brought back from India for my mom. She knew I'd like it and it doesn't match her decor so she gave it to me. I've had it for 6 or 7 years now (I'm trying this new keep only what I really love). The Eiffel Tower candle is from our first apartment where I decorated the living room in a Paris theme. I've since gotten rid of most of the Paris stuff, but kept a few items that I really loved. Another item is on top of the quilt rack which is on the wall above the dresser.

quilt rack

See it up there? And so you don't think I'm making up this keep what I love thing, the Rosie was brought back from Portland as a gift from Husband, the paper weight came from the rock shop in Arkansas that he'd visit as a kid while visiting his Grandma, and the Mozart and Beethoven bookends were a gift from me to Husband for our first Christmas together (he loves classical music). Even the books have made it through numerous prunings (that's what I call it when I go through things to see if there's anything we could get rid of). As much as I never wanted to become a Kindle nerd because I love the way books feel, it has made my house a little less crowded. I say a little because we still have tons of books all over the house, I just tend to use them as decoration now. I do love my books.

Oh and the quilt was my mom's baby quilt.


  1. I am so jealous--I wish I had time for some furniture revamping! I have several sad old pieces that could use with a little paint and new hardware. And I reallllly want to make my own knobs/pulls!!!

  2. Sheesh! Nothing like holding a grudge! I think you turned out great in spite of me (and so did the dresser!)