Monday, February 6, 2012


still sleepy

We had another low key weekend, but without the camera this time.  Spent time with family and celebrated a good friend's birthday. I forgave the universe for waking me up with a headache when the kids just laid in bed with us for a half hour before they started playing.  It was peaceful and so much better than the next day when they woke me up fighting over a train (because we don't have a million trains). 


That day got better though; I went to the cross stitch shop with my mom, where I picked up my first cross stitch pattern in 6 years.  Before I could start I had to organize my embroidery floss (it was such a mess) which I had time to do when Husband took the kids to the pool.  I then started and (by late last night) ripped out my first cross stitch project in six years.  Perhaps I shouldn't have taken such a long break in between projects?  

I know these low key weekends don't make for the most exciting blog posts ever, but sometimes it's nice to not be busy.  Also, thank you for all the comments you leave.  I know I don't always comment back, but I want you to know I do appreciate them.

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  1. I just bought one of those containers for all my floss as well. :)